ALTsource Worldwide is the only company that can rebuild Volvo Torque Converters! ALTsource Worldwide wants to keep you moving with our rebuilt powertrain components that will reduce your downtime and increase your profitability. ALTsource provides rebuilt components with the same quality service and warranty as high-cost new components. All of our rebuilt components are quoted with the core exchange price included so there are no unexpected core charges.

We have a large selection of rebuilt and spare parts in stock including:

  • Transmissions
  • Drop Boxes
  • Differentials
  • Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Planetary Assembly

On most rebuilt components, we can supply the entire assembly or certain parts of the assembly. All of our rebuilt components are completely inspected and then assembled by experienced technicians using new bearings and seals. Through a series of tests, ALTsource will ensure peak performance after installation. All rebuilt components are completely cleaned, sanded and then painted with original manufacture color.

Warranty on rebuilt components after installation:
One year (or) 2000 hours on transmissions. Six months on drop box, differential, cylinders and hydraulic pumps.

This is what you can expect when ALTsource rebuilds your components

Drop Boxes

New Bearings

Seals and Gaskets

New Gears and Shafts

New Shift Forks

Fully Tested to Factory Specs

Full Warranty

Sending Units


New Bearings

New Seals/Gaskets/Shims

New Ring and Pinion

Differential Gear

New Thrust Washers

Spider Gears


Differential Housing

Full Warranty

Fully-tested to Factory Specs


New Seals and Packing

Tube and Stage Honing

Rod Manufacturer

Stages and Rods Re-chromed

New Pistons

New Glands

Full Warranty


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